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Amir Khan: ‘I am on the last chapter. I only have a few more fights left in me.’

Published On Saturday, April 13, 2019By British Boxing News
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Amir Khan admits to approaching twilight years in boxing

British professional boxer Amir Khan reckons that he has a better professional record compared to Terence Crawford. Amir is set to fight Crawford on April 20th for the World Boxing Organization welterweight title in New York City at Madison Square Garden.

Crawford is considered to be one of the most powerful boxers in the boxing industry with a 10-1 special in the bout. Khan is confident that his speed will come in handy for this fight. Speaking to the Guardian, Amir said that Crawford can’t match his speed after seeing that his opponent was yet to fight someone as fast as he (Amir) was.

Amir’s move to 155 pounds necessitated his layoff, which lasted two years. Since he returned to the boxing ring, he has won twice and lost once in a remorseless sixth-round knockout in 2016 against Canelo Alvarez when they competed for the World Boxing Council middleweight title. Amir knocked Phil Lo Greco out in April 2018 inside a round and outplayed Samuel Vargas later in September 2018.

Crawford is currently a three-division titleholder and merges the whole welterweight division. Khan is confident that after comparing both of their winning streaks, he is better than Crawford. He says that given a chance, he would have beaten Crawford’s three previous opponents, which are Jeff Horn, Jose Benavidez, and Julius Indongo, with ease.

About Breidis Prescott, Crawford’s opponent who knocked Amir out in 2008 while in the later days of his (Prescott) career, Amir is confident that had he fought him then, he would have easily defeated him. Amir is quoted in an interview saying: “I am on the last chapter. So I only have a few more fights left in me. I want to get out before there’s any real damage,” as the long-awaited fight between himself and Terence Crawford draws near.

A win in the upcoming championship will uplift him to the prominence of world boxing. Experts in the industry say that a win for Amir still remains uncertain even though he says that the upcoming championship will go a long way in lifting him.

Amir says that the fight against Crawford will not only enhance his love for the sport but will also help him maintain his prominence. However, only Amir seems to be assured of a win. Many people are convinced that all the odds are against him seeing that Crawford is one of the best unbeaten pound-for-pound boxers.

Amir is confident that a win in this fight will propel him to the global championship once again and expresses his belief that God has allowed him this chance to win. Amir is certain that a win against Crawford is guaranteed to revolutionize his career, saying that every boxer needs the fights which make them anxious.

Despite the success that Amir has experienced during his career, he still remains as brave and friendly as always. This is according to individuals who started interviewing him when he won his inaugural silver medal at the Olympic games in 2004 all the way to his later years in his career.

Whenever Amir is clouded in anxiousness, which would often lead him into making unwise decisions both inside and outside the ring, he still remains engaging and open to his interviewers. Amir has been knocked off on the canvas even though some of his spectators equate his knockout blows to his personal problems.

Despite all of this, Amir has managed to retain incredible hand speed, which is a great advantage to him against his opponent. Currently, Amir is paying extra attention to working out in order to lose fat ahead of the big fight. He has benefited from using amazing products from Valkyrie online, which have been tested and tried to guarantee ultimate performance.

Amir admits that being a successful boxer can change everything. Still, he remains respectful to everybody he meets.