All the latest news on Fury vs Wilder 3 according to Tyson's valued cornerman and confidant, Jorge Capetillo las vegas where when december what date tv wbc heavyweight

All the latest news on Fury vs Wilder 3 according to Tyson's valued cornerman and confidant, Jorge Capetillo

Published On Friday, October 2, 2020By Tim Rickson

Tyson Fury’s valued cornerman and confidant, Jorge Capetillo lifts the lid on Fury-Wilder 3

According to Jorge Capetillo, Fury-Wilder III is being worked on for December, but it could fall next year - with Vegas the only venue in the mix.

He also said Fury will “go after” AJ in the UK after the Wilder trilogy, in spite of WBC mandatory challenger lying in wait. Fury has the 'vision' to fight in the UK to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Capetillo, speaking exclusively to Marc Gatford via, revealed, "From what I heard, it's going to be here in Vegas, so they may postpone it to early next year. They are working on the fight for December, but if not, they'll postpone it to early next year."

"I think they're working on a December date but they need people, they sold a lot of tickets last time, 18 million dollars of tickets at the MGM. The teams are negotiating with ESPN and hopefully they'll get a deal for December."

He then said of his Mancunian friend, "He's always texting me asking if we ever need anything, he's the peoples champ. He's becoming a great man, a humble man, a great father and a great son. It's beautiful to be around him."

Tyson Fury was quick to lend Jorge a hand after he had a break-in at his gym, he revealed, "Tyson noticed that Jesse's (Vargas) fight was cancelled, so he messaged me to say 'hey, how are you doing?' So I told him that we were robbed and our luck was down, so he told me 'oh, don't worry about it - let me send you some money, so that your family is well'.

WBC champ Fury also held a 'Meet & Greet' at the  Capetillo & TM Boxing Gym many months before to help raise the profile and memberships of the club.

On a future all-British showdown between Fury and Joshua, Jorge strongly believes that Fury will do the same to AJ as he did to Wilder in his last fight, "Definitely. In the heavyweight division we are only one punch away from a KO. And if he did what he did to Wilder he can do against Anthony, against anyone."

Wilder is a “tougher” fight than AJ according to Jorge, as Fury's boxing IQ is “way too much” for Joshua, he believes.

"Their IQ is different; their whole IQ is different. Anthony is a strong man that will come after you like he did with Andy [Ruiz Jr] but with Tyson it will be a different fight. Tyson is the best fighter of this era and the heavyweight division and he proved it."

He continued to state his case, "Anthony is a fighter that you have to be in front of for him to land, I don't see too much creativity; feinting, using the jab more, head movement, knowing how to use the range and distance, using the ring.

"I think Anthony is a great fighter, a great kid, a great human being but I think Tyson Fury is way too much for him. Fury is a complete fighter; he'll box you, he can stand with you toe to toe, he will be knocked down and won't quit, he'll keep getting up. All of those experiences make Tyson a better man, a better fighter - he's the better fighter."

Back to the Wilder trilogy, Jorge heaped praise on the once-beaten 'Bronze Bomber', "I think Wilder is tougher [than Joshua] because of his natural power and his record shows this, if you have 42 knockouts that's something you don't see everyday, so with all due respect we got to be more aware of Wilder than Anthony.

"So I believe after Wilder he will go after Anthony, it's his dream to be undisputed, to go after all the belts."

Despite distractions of future legacy-making fights, Tyson's concentration and focus will not waver in the slightest, Jorge asserted, "I'm sure he's focused on Wilder right now but he has the vision and the dream to fight in the UK to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and that fight is made possible by Anthony Joshua."

The original quotes from Jorge Capetillo appeared on the blog.

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