After the success of Canelo vs Saunders in Texas, when will Vegas re-open for boxing events?

After the success of Canelo vs Saunders in Texas, when will Vegas re-open for boxing events?

Published On Monday, May 17, 2021By British Boxing News

Canelo vs Saunders had a record attendance of over 70,000

Whilst Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders managed to put on a boxing spectacle in Texas at the beginning of May, there will be many that are wondering when Las Vegas will re-open for boxing events to take place again.

Indeed, whilst Las Vegas has been known as the gambling capital of the world, it has also been known as the boxing capital of the world, as well.

The city has hosted some of the biggest fights in the world throughout the history of boxing, with the destination having been considered one of the homes of the sport.


Boxing will return to Las Vegas

There should be absolutely no doubt that Las Vegas will feature boxing events in the near future, with the city having been considered the sport’s capital for a number of decades.

Despite having been New York City in the past, Las Vegas stepped up and helped boxing to become incredibly popular again during the 1960s as they managed to take fights indoors and into impressive arenas that allowed for television crews to operate without having to be concerned by the blinding sunlight that boxers, themselves, had to contend with.

Whilst that appears to be a distant memory and one of the past that will hardly ever be a problem now, not many big boxing fights have taken place outside of Nevada. One reason for this is down to the proximity of the casinos that the state has to offer, despite some having decided to turn to online casinos such as Platin Casino in recent times.

Many casinos would use promotional tools to keep boxing as lucrative as possible for everyone, as they would be able to offer punters the chance to gamble and wager on a host of different games and the fight itself, whilst they would then be able to pay the big money to everyone involved in the fight.

Whilst money can be earned from various avenues in the current climates, money that can be generated by a casino can be tough to replicate and match.


Fights already scheduled to take place

Although there are more UFC and MMA fights already slated in to take place in Las Vegas - such as Conor McGregor’s third bout with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July, there is also a huge boxing contest that is set to take place under the bright lights in Nevada.

Jose Ramirez’s highly anticipated bout with Josh Taylor is set to take place at the Virgin Hotels towards the end of May, whilst other fights have been rumoured to take place at venues in the state.


Big fights set to take place away from the iconic boxing city

However, there has been some bad news for Las Vegas when it comes down to hosting boxing events, with a number of huge, blockbuster events having taken place away from the Nevada state.

Floyd Mayweather’s bizarre contest against YouTube sensation, Logan Paul, is scheduled to take place in Miami, whilst British boxing sensations, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury - who have huge global support - look set to fight in Saudi Arabia in August; a venue where ‘AJ’ has fought before when he faced Andy Ruiz Jr for the second time, with the first having happened at Madison Square Gardens, New York City.