Ace Adam vs Guycha Muele

Ace Adam reflects on ‘nervous’ pro debut

Published On Monday, January 20, 2020By Tim Rickson
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Super-middleweight Ace Adam speaks honestly about overcoming his nerves to win his pro bow

Catford’s Ace Adam (1-0) defeated Enfield’s Guycha Muele (0-2) via third-round TKO on November 29 at the York Hall in Bethnal Green on a Hellraiser Promotions show.

It was the former Queensbury Boxing League champion’s professional debut and an experience that he will never forget.

Onlookers would not have guessed, due to his aggressive performance and blistering finish, but he was actually feeling very nervous all the way from the dressing room to the ringwalk, and even during the contest itself.

The 26-year-old from Catford, managed by Mickey Helliet, opened up on his induction into the paid ranks as he reflected, “It went really well and I’m glad I got the TKO win.

“Just before the fight, I was really nervous because it’s a step up from anything I’ve ever done before.

“It was the real thing, not the amateurs or Queensbury Boxing League. Just getting checked off by officials and wearing 10oz gloves, which I’d never experienced before made me feel extremely nervous. I tried to maintain some calm, even going in there [the ring] I felt it, I was still nervous even after the first round had finished.”

A few words of wisdom from his trainer, Eyez, in the corner did the trick though, he revealed, “Eyez calmed me down in the second round and I went out and stopped him in the third.

“I came back to the corner after the second and Eyez said to calm down and start working the body. I was headhunting too much, but when I started working the body downstairs, I managed to get him out of there. I was getting so nervous and kept trying to go for the head, but when I listened to instruction, I took him out.”

'Lightning' Ace is certainly an exciting fighter and one to watch. He keeps the distance closed and is always pressing the action on the front foot, looking to land that powerful right hand of his.

In the third round of the scheduled four-round light-heavyweight contest, the pair stood and traded shots with each other until Ace brought Muele down three times, although one was ruled as a push.

“I could feel my opponent’s face in my hands when I hit him, I could feel his ribs and everything when I landed with those little gloves. Now I understand why people say boxing only takes one punch. He was a good opponent, very tough.”

Ace used his amateur and Queensbury Boxing experience to get through the anxious moments.

“I haven’t operated at the highest level like Anthony Joshua and Nicola Adams in the amateurs, but I’ve been around with good competitors, so I feel I’ve been well schooled and I’m glad I’ve got that pedigree behind me.”

Now, Ace is looking ahead to his second professional fight, eyeing dates in March, with ambitions to fight four times in 2020.

“Well, I’m looking to fight in March, my goal is to have four fights this year – ending the year on 5-0 will be sweet. Impressive wins as well, it’s good to get the ‘W’, but it’s all about how you get them.”

Ace hails from Catford in South London, where he can count on a large support base, “Got a lot of support of family and friends from my area, but I’m always welcome for more. I really want to get the entire Catford area behind me. Dan Azeez [unbeaten professional boxer] is from Catford and we live almost opposite each other, so there’s some good boxing talent from this area.”

Ace experienced 18 amateur bouts and reached the ABA Novices finals in 2014. Instead of turning pro, he tested himself in the highly regarded Queensbury Boxing League, run by Ross Minter, and won the national light-heavyweight title whilst going unbeaten in six fights.

Adam has trained with head coach Eyez at Sting ABC in Croydon since 2012 and counts promoter Mickey Helliet as his manager.


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