15-min resistance band workout for athletes

15-min resistance band workout for athletes

Published On Monday, May 3, 2021By British Boxing News

Try this 15-Min resistance band workout

You'd be surprised at how much you can accomplish with resistance bands in as little as 15 minutes. Some people see resistance bands as a warmup tool, but they are just as powerful as weights, if not more so. You can work up a good sweat and achieve excellent results in no time.

Some people use resistance bands as rehab tools, and they certainly work well for that. If you have had an injury and you want to work out gently, resistance bands can help build strength and flexibility in the tissue surrounding the muscles without putting undue strain on your joints.

However, you can also build strength and muscle tone, all with one elastic band.

Let's move on to our 15-minute resistance band workout.

For some of these exercises, you will want to get some booty bands like Victorem bands.

Do each exercise for one minute.



Lie face down on a mat with a small resistance band and two paper plates. Begin with the band around your wrists and your arms up above your head, hands on the plates.

Keep the plates in contact with the floor throughout this exercise. 

Move your hands shoulder-width apart, and then bring your hands down towards your chest. Your hands should be flat on the floor at all times. Bring your hands down until they are on either side of your chest (at armpit level), then reverse the movement to finish in your starting position.

This exercise targets your rotator cuff muscles, which are vital muscles to train for throwing or building up your shoulders.


Lateral pushups

Keeping the resistance band around your wrists, come up into the top of a pushup position. Keep your arms and legs straight and 'walk' sideways, moving your right hand and right leg first. Bring your left foot and hand over, then do a pushup. Continue to work your way across the floor, then repeat starting with your left side.

You'll likely feel the burn in your shoulders, chest, and core muscles.


Crab walks

Put the booty band around your thighs, just above your knees. Stand in an upright squat position, leaning slightly forward, and walk sideways. Keep your glutes low the entire time to really work that lower body.


One-legged squats

Stand up straight with the resistance band underneath the middle of your right foot. Hold the end of the resistance band in your right hand.

Rest your left foot behind you on a chair or bench so that your left thigh is perpendicular to the floor. Bend your left knee 90 degrees. Make sure your left leg has room to move - so your foot should be the only part on the chair.

Keep your back straight, with your butt tucked in. Now bend your right knee slowly. Your left knee should down to just above the floor before you straighten your right leg again to return to start.

Repeat this as needed, then switch sides.

Your hamstrings will feel the burn!


Scarecrow press

For this exercise, you'll need a longer resistance band.

Fix the middle of the resistance band around a pole or other stationary object at ground level. Now stand facing forward with the ends of the resistance band in both hands. Straighten both arms at waist height out in front of you. Stand away from the band so that it's taut.

Bring the resistance band towards you so that your hands finish above your shoulders with your elbows bent at 90-degree angles. Pause there before straightening your arms above your head. Return to your starting position, and repeat.


Upright row

Once again, you'll need a long resistance band.

Stand on top of the band and your feet hip-distance apart. Hold both ends of the resistance band in your hands. With arms extended in front, do an upright row. Do this by pulling the band straight up along your body until your hands are level with your upper chest. Your hands should finish just beneath your chin.

If you find you want more resistance with this exercise, simply move your feet further apart at the start.


Trunk rotations

Tie the middle of your long resistance band around a stationary object at waist height and grab the ends in both hands. Step away from the pole or other object so that the band is taut. Extend your arms out in front of you. Now slowly twist your torso until your arms are straight out along your side that is facing away from the resistance band.

Move back in the other direction to bring your hands back toward the resistance band while keeping tension in the band and facing forward.