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Unbeaten welterweight Rohan Date withdraws from next fight

Published On Thursday, December 13, 2018By Tim Rickson

Floored by flu - Rohan Date forced to withdraw from next fight

Unbeaten Irishman Rohan Date (6-0-1) was forced to withdraw from his scheduled six-rounder with Bulgarian Angel Emilov (9-24) on December 15 at the York Hall on British Warriors Boxing’s ‘Christmas Carnage’ show.

The 25-year-old fell ill at the beginning of fight week and was admitted to Kingston hospital for blood tests.

The inflicted athlete said, “I’ve never been this sick in my life, I was in the hospital over Monday and Tuesday with this virus, they had to run blood tests.

“I don’t know anyone else that is sick around me, no one in the gym or where I live is ill so I don’t know where this has come from. Just been a pain in the ass! I’m on the mend but was still struggling to get down the stairs this morning, but I’m better than I was.

“I’m gutted because we wanted to have this fight and be fresh to go in the New Year. All my mates are all flying over from Ireland to London, there’s a load of them still coming over!”

The Manchester-born Irish national, who resides in London, was due to share the card with teammate Nick Webb (1-13) from Guildford City Gym, who goes up against Devon dangerman Kamil Sokolowski (5-14-2, 2KOs) over six-rounds at the heavyweight limit.

Trained by Johnny Edwards at the Guildford City Gym, Date added, “It’s not the end of the world but I wanted that fight to have a fresh start in 2019 because I’ve kind of been told that I’ll be having another big fight in March, like a six or eight-rounder to be eligible for title fights. I still want the Irish title early next year.

“I was hoping to fight in February for the Irish or Celtic title back in my home town in Waterford in Ireland, but I need to get eight-rounds in to be eligible, so waiting to see what happens next.”

Belfast's Paddy 'Pat-Man' Gallagher (15-4) is the current holder of the BUI Celtic welterweight title, which he has held since May 2016 and successully defended twice with two TKO wins; and the Irish national champion at the weight is 'The Connemara Kid' Peter McDonagh (28-28-2), a three-weight Irish national champion and boxing legend, now aged 40.

Date is heavy handed, boasting five stoppages from six wins and recently defeated Dutch national champion Innocent Anyanwu (25-38-3, 15KOs) in his last bout via a second-round stoppage on October 27 in Southsea.

His one result that didn’t end in a victory was a stalemate with fellow unbeaten super-lightweight Wes Smith (3-0) from Cornwall.

Date was a standout amateur claiming seven Irish national titles, the prestigious Haringey Box Cup twice, culminating in winning the World Golden Gloves in 2013.

Aged 20, the outstanding amateur champion walked away from boxing and moved to Dubai and it wasn’t until three years later, in 2016, that he returned to the sport.

The Irish native concluded with a message to fans, “I’m sorry for anyone that’s got tickets, my apologies, it’s just one of these things and hopefully I’ll make it up next year sometime when I can be back better and stronger.”


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