The fighting fireman Dean Gillen wins second pro fight

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Unbeaten middleweight boxer Dean Gillen (2-0) from Arnold, Nottingham doubled his win tally with a points victory over the seasoned Lewis van Poetsch (4-25-1) on September 26th at Chilwell Olympia Sports Centre in Nottinghamshire.   Scored at 39-37, the 33-year-old middleweight, known as ‘The Fighting Fireman’ due to his profession in the fire and rescue service, got his second triumph in the pro ranks on a Carl Greaves Promotions show.   The 160lbs prospect said, “The first round, I felt and looked the business. I normally start slow but I started faster this time, so I was happy with that. I made it look easy, I think I got a little excited because of that and started swinging a bit.   “In my corner, Andrew Lowe was telling me what to do and I was listening but then doing my own thing once I was in there. I think I could have done a better job but I’m glad that I did it the way that I did because I learnt a lot.   “I was landing some good shots and I was hell-bent on getting the knockout because I wanted to put on a good show for the crowds.   “Afterwards, he said to me that I caught him with some big shots in the first round and he told me I was heavy-handed but he put the guard up and covered up.   “Even though I tried so hard to knock him out we shook hands afterwards and there was no malice. We’re now friends on Facebook and that’s how all boxers should conduct their selves.   The 25-year-old journeyman known as ‘Poochi’ recently took Ricky Hatton’s protégé Sonny Upton (8-2) the distance, losing on points at the York Hall in the weekend preceding his duel with Gillen.   Prior to that, he has also heard the final bell sound against British welterweight champion Curtis Woodhouse and Prizefighter winner Johnny Coyle.   Gillen came through a hard-fought debut earlier this year against fellow debutant Shaun White from Sheffield at the Britannia Hotel in Nottingham defeating the 31-year-old on points on May 23rd.   Scored identically at 39-37 on points, the two fights could not have been any more different.   “My first fight was an all-out war but this wasn’t, I was very in control,” he clarified. “I was ultimately calm and confident. If I’ve got my fitness and strength then I’m confident to get in the ring with anyone and I believe I can drag a win out of anyone when I’m in that shape and can’t wait to get back in the gym and iron out the creases.   “The last time, I didn’t actually want to get in the ring as I was only at 80%. I genuinely, hand on heart, did not want to get in there. This time, I was much more confident. I was fit, strong, and physically the best shape I’ve ever been in.”   The home fighter from Nottingham was in peak physical condition, following a successful training camp with trainer Andrew Lowe which included eight round sparring sessions with teammates Moses Smith (2-1), Nathan McIntosh (8-0), and Daryl Baptist (5-1) – all three also winning on the same show that night.   “I went hell for leather trying to knock him out,” said ‘Deano’, who doubles up as a firefighter at Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. “I was looking for it and he could see that, I telegraphed my shots so that was disappointing. I’m never happy with my performance.”   With very little amateur experience, having only competed in the World Police and Firefighter Games in Belfast in 2013 – winning gold – Gillen displayed an improved performance in the ring at the weekend and believes that he still has lots to learn.   “The jab was on point, it’s a real weapon for me and I need to learn how to use it better,” he explained. “I still believe there’s more in me to come out.   “I’m having a week off then I’ll be back in the gym next week. I’ll still be training this week, going for a run tomorrow morning.”   Without a big following to rely on for ticket sales, due to having such a limited amateur background, ‘Deano’ is content to go on the road for next few fights to gain valuable experience even though the odds will inevitably be stacked against him.   “I’ll be hitting the roads,” he elucidated. “I need to speak to my manager Carl, but the tickets didn’t go well for this fight, so I’m hoping to raise my profile because I’ll be coming to win.   “I really need to get my name out there to help push tickets to general boxing fans. Hopefully if I build up the support then I could be back on a home show in March.”   In the main event, Merseysider Robbie Davies Jnr. (10-0) stopped Georgian boxer Mikheil Avakyan (31-22-4) in the first round after flooring the 23-year-old foreigner twice.   24-year-old flyweight Jamie Williams (6-1) inflicted the same fate upon Georgi Georgiev (1-2) dumping the bantamweight to the canvas twice before referee Shaun Messer stopped the fight with just 12 seconds remaining of the opening round.   Middleweight Daryl Baptist (5-1) took the decision at 40-37 against journeyman Robert Studzinski (3-22).   Nottingham’s Nathan McIntosh (8-0) defeated Yorkshire’s Danny Little (3-11-2) 40-35 on points due to a points deduction in the third round for use of the elbow.   Nathan Kirk (6-1) from Nottingham just edged the scoring at 39-38 against Sheffield’s Qasim Hussein (2-37-2).   Newark’s Moses bounced back from his previous loss to Gillen’s opponent Lewis van Poetsch by beating 35-year-old James Conroy (1-7) in a shut-out points victory over four rounds at middleweight.   Light-heavyweight debutant Corey Jackson had a nightmare start to his pro career at the age of 28-years-old, losing via a first round TKO to 29-year-old Dan Foster (1-1) from Sheffield.     Team Deano would like to thank his sponsors Jacks of London and American Fire Apparel and The Townhouse Bar & Kitchen and PR Manager Tim Rickson To follow Dean Gillen on Twitter click here @TeamDeanoPro   For more info on Dean Gillen visit