Ted Cheeseman v Pauly Upton

Ted Cheeseman: I’m levels above Pauly Upton - he’s a fraud

Published On Monday, June 4, 2018By British Boxing News

Ted Cheeseman slams Pauly Upton by calling him a fraud

Pauly Upton hit back at Ted Cheeseman’s ‘fraud’ jibe as the unbeaten super-welterweights prepare to face off on Wednesday night for Cheeseman's WBA International belt – live on Sky Sports.

Upton (15-0-KO3) was accused by Cheeseman (13-0-KO8) of feeding off journeymen but the underdog remains confident of claiming the WBA ranking title at York Hall.

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> Speaking first, Cheeseman said: “Camp’s gone really well. I’m a full, big light-middleweight now. I’m maturing and hitting harder.

“I showed last time out that I can box and fight and change to the opponent in front of me.

“Come Wednesday night I’ll show everyone that I’m levels above Pauly Upton. He’s a fraud really and has boxed 15 journeymen. He’s got a real test on Wednesday.

“Pauly Upton is alright for a few rounds but he won’t be able to keep me off for 10 rounds. I personally thought he lost to Adam Jones.”

Upton was quick to retort: “You can only beat who they put in front of you.

“No matter what he thinks, I beat Adam Jones. The win’s on my record. I shouldn’t have fought at that weight – I was fat! Now I’m at my correct weight.

“This belt is a massive thing for me and I’ll be taking it. This is a big opportunity for me to provide a better life for my family and kids. It’s huge.”

Watch Cheeseman v Upton live on Sky Sports this Wednesday evening

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