Predictions for Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan

Predictions for Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan

Published On Monday, January 14, 2019By British Boxing News

BBN quiz key boxing figures for their Terence Crawford vs Amir Khan predictions

Amir Khan (33-4) will next face WBO World champion Terence Crawford (33-0) at Madison Square Garden in New York on April 20.

The Bolton boxer hasn’t been a World champion for over seven years and now ambitiously challenges one of the world's pound-for-pound superstars.

BBN asked a number of their trusted friends in boxing for their take on the forthcoming fight:


Robbie Davies Jr British & Comonwealth super-lightweight champion

"I think Terence Crawford will not take long to time Khan's speed and will break him down and force the stoppage or KO by the midway point."


Matt Marsh Former British suer-bantamweight champion

"I think Khan will try to pick and move but once Crawford lands a clean shot then it’s over for Khan.

Rounds 7-8 Crawford."


Kofi Donker Unbeaten lightweight

"Good, competitive fight for the first six-rounds then I see Crawford adjusting and pulling away with a points victory or a stoppage after eight."


Miles Shinkwin English light-heavyweight champion

"Seen Amir getting a lot of criticism over taking Crawford over Brook. I think it’s insane, Crawford is challenging for the P4P throne and is a harder fight for less reward. That being said, I still see Crawford winning, but losing enough rounds to make it competitive on the scorecards."


Mark Tibbs Trainer

"I was ringside in Lincoln, USA when Crawford challenged Indongo. I was just mesmerised by how slick and quick he was, his impeccable timing against Indongo was super.

Khan’s been there, was there, we will see if he’s still there; I hope so as Amir Khan is an ambassador for British boxing, but going on the Indongo fight he has his work cut out for sure.

Good match for Crawford, at this stage."


Ekow Essuman English welterweight champion

"I think Khan is a bit underrated to when it comes to his resume, he makes for a wicked opponent for Crawford.

Crawford likes to adapt to his opponents and then edge his opponents out of their matches, so I'd love to see how this match unfolds."


Johnny Edwards Head Coach of Guidlford City Gym

"Amir Khan by massive points win or late KO. 

I thing Amir Khan will be back in the big time after this fight, I really like his trainer and I think he as took him back to what he does best, which is sharp, fast boxing."


Steve Wood Promoter

"Have to go for a Crawford win on points, Amir will cause early problems with his speed but I am a big fan of Crawford who, for me, is in the top-four pound-for-pound fighters in the world and therefore will quickly adapt and find a way to win.

Be a good fight but have to go with Crawford."


Lenny Fuller Unbeaten welterweight

"Crawford wins this, for me.

A couple of years ago it would of been a different story, but Khan just had too many hard fights and been put down too many times before. At one point, Khan was too fast to time and that's what made him good. A more slowed down Khan is going to get timed by Crawford with big shots, so a late stoppage KO win I think."


Peter Sims Trainer

"My prediction for Crawford v Khan is probably similar to lots of other people’s. Crawford, as we know, is one of the P4P fighters in the world and a three-weight world champion and a class fighter, 

Khan, as we know, is past his sell by date and going into this fight, in my opinion, for a big day and a lucky shot, after all this is boxing and anything can happen!! 

My prediction is Crawford by KO mid-rounds, probably six-seven."


Jamie Speight Three-time Southern Area champion

"Gutsy move from Khan, he couldn’t possibly fear Kell Brook if he’s willing to face possibly the best active fighter right now.

That being said, he gets out-thought, out-gunned and out-boxed for however long the fight lasts and then I feel he gets stopped, possibly put to sleep, but definitely stopped.

Credit to Khan for taking the fight but Terence Crawford is a special fighter!"


Sam Jones Boxing Matchmaker & PR

"I’d love to see Khan win but I can’t see it at all. I think Crawford wins inside the distance between rounds six-eight."


Niall Doran Founder of Boxing News & Views

"Obviously a tad disappointing that the Kell Brook fight is gone but what a fight instead of it, in fairness, kudos to Amir for taking on such an incredibly tough challenge.

If he can keep on his bike and out of harms way with a purely defensive strategy is probably his best bet but just can't help but feel that Crawford will catch up with him inside the 12-rounds somewhere along the way."


Aquib Tahlat BBN Writer

"I think Crawford will win and will break him down in the later rounds.

Crawford is one of the P4P best in the world and Amir Khan is past his best. His footwork is not what is use to be and he only relies on his hand speed now which will be his only weapon.

Crawford with his power and boxing ability will give him a huge advantage in the match alongside him being in his prime."


Joe Neale Boxing Matchmaker & PR

"See this being typical Khan fight - exciting, has early success but gets broken down and stopped in the middle rounds.

Khan was poor in his last fight and Crawford is couple of levels above that. This is one of those fights for Crawford to beat a big name in the sport and I think he will very convincingly.

Crawford in rounds five-eight."


Daniel Smith BBN Writer

"Amir Khan's hand speed is lightning-fast. His accelerated, attacking flurries are ferociously-rapid and brutal in their nature. His will is tenacious. His determination is admirable and his heart is strong - but his jaw is weak and fragile.

The former WBA and IBF light-welterweight champion possesses the skill, speed, agility and technical prowess to defeat Terence Crawford and attain a world title once again. However, although Khan may be ravenous for this fight and more than capable of exposing Crawford; the reality is, he can dish-out a pasting, but he just can't take a dig on the chin.

Khan will be electric in the early rounds; flashing out sound jabs and vicious combinations that will punish and trouble Crawford. But, to maintain that sort of pounding pace and ferocity for twelve rounds will not be possible for the Bolton man. Sooner rather than later, Khan will tire, his defence will drop and his glass jaw will be cracked by a dead-blow hammer of a left by the WBO welterweight champion, and that'll be the ultimate difference: two gifted boxers, one glass jaw.

Despite how my opinion presents - I like Amir Khan, and I think this will be a thrilling affair. But, I'm backing Crawford to stop Khan in rounds 7-9."