James DeGale vs Chris Eubank Jr

Predictions for James DeGale vs Chris Eubank Jr

Published On Thursday, January 3, 2019By British Boxing News

BBN ask key boxing figures for their James DeGale vs Chris Eubank Jr predictions

Super-middleweight rivals James DeGale (25-2-1) and Chris Eubank Jr (27-2) clash on February 23 at The O2 in London.

The IBO Worldsuper-middleweight contest between 'Chunky' and 'NEXTGEN' will be televised live on ITV Box Office, but BBN want to know from their panel of experts just who will win and why:


Frank Buglioni
Former British champion

"I think if James boxes to the best of his ability then he will box to a points victory.

I believe Eubank will want to draw him into a war where he is very dangerous. Eubank Jr has tremendous output but can neglect his jab and footwork and DeGale has a high level of both of those assets. My gut feeling is DeGale will box to victory, having to overcome some tough periods, perhaps even a knockdown. Both men possess solid chins so I think a stoppage will be unlikely.

It’s a fight I’m very much looking forward to and having known James for a long time and recently sparred together, I will be routing for him."


George Groves
Former super-middleweight world champion

"If I was going to put money on it, I'd say Eubank - he's got more left than DeGale."


Robbie Davies Jr
British lightweight champion

"I think if DeGale has the hunger and discipline through his camp then he should win, hands down, but Eubank Jr is a good fighter so if DeGale is not at his best then possibly an upset, but I'm edging towards DeGale to win on points."


Freddie Flintoff
English presenter and former international cricketer

“Have you ever watched a fight where you wanted both boxers to get knocked out! This is one of them. Neither of these guys are the most popular fighters in the world, are they. DeGale seems to have a beef with everyone and likes to talk a good game but when he’s in the ring has he ever been truly impressive?  He’s decent when he’s on his day but you can never be sure how he’s gonna' turn up.

“And as for Eubank Jnr- he’s a tricky personality too. In press conferences he seems pretty level headed but then on social media he’s always flashing his fast cars and ridiculous clothes around. I do like his Dad though. I’ve met him a few times and he’s brilliantly bonkers! He was a great fighter too with an extremely hard punch. It’s a pity his son isn’t as good as he was.

Still, if only because I like his Dad, I’m going to go for Eubank Jnr in this one.”


Lenny Fuller
Unbeaten welterweight

"If I'm honest, I think it's going to be like watching the Groves vs Eubank fight again, not taking anything away from Chris because he is a world class fighter but unless you stand in front of him, he struggles a little bit, but it still makes for a really interested high-level domestic fight"


Jamie Speight
Three-time Southern Area champion

"I think it’s a decent fight, especially to the general public who just see two big names.

I think it’s a boxing lesson from DeGale, who is so so much more advanced as a fighter than Eubank Jr is. DeGale is massively underrated, his achievements speak for themselves; regardless. I feel the loser doesn’t really have anywhere to go on the World stage after this."


Matt Marsh
Former British super-bantamweight champion

"I think DeGale will win - he has too much experience - amateur and professional.

I personally think it be a boring fight and James DeGale will just make him look silly."


Chris Glover
Boxing Writer

"There’s levels to the fight game and Chris Eubank Jr hasn’t shown myself that he’s at the level to compete with, arguably, an elite fighter in James DeGale. 

The size difference will be a factor, as DeGale is a big super-middleweight. I still feel Eubank Jr is a blown up middleweight, who should still be campaigning at 160lbs. 

There’s no way Chunky will be outboxed so Eubank Jr will have to rely on work rate to beat him, which I don’t believe he’ll be able to achieve due to James DeGale’s awkwardness. 

My prediction is a wide points victory for James DeGale."


Mark Tibbs
Boxing Trainer

"DeGale should win - too long, too clever, and mixed in far better company.

Eubank, I feel, has not developed his long game, having said that, if he gets on DeGale's chest consistently then he may be too much for James' good engine and athleticism. It's a well-balanced fight for both at this stage of their careers. Good fight."


Miles Shinkwin
English light-heavyweight champion

"This fight all depends on what DeGale has left. If it’s the same DeGale who has turned up in his last few fights then I can see Junior getting to him, but if he still has anything of the old James in him, I think he can outpoint Eubank, but it won’t be easy."


Steve Wood
VIP Promotions

"Eubank Jr to win on a late stoppage - too fresh for DeGale, who has shown signs of being on the decline in the last couple of years."


Sergio Michel
American songwriter and boxing superfan

"James DeGale beats Chris Eubank Jr!"


Peter Sims
Boxing trainer

"This is quite a hard fight to predict and I’m not sure the styles will gel that well to make it a very exciting battle and it will probably be more technical rather than a stormer!

My prediction is for DeGale to win on points over 12 quite flat and non-eventful rounds."


Johnny Edwards
Head Coach at Guildford City Gym

"I have utmost respect for both boxers and I’m very good friends with Jimmy Mac and Ronnie Davis, both legendary trainers, so their tactics and preparation for their respective boxers are the key to success here.

For me, Eubank wins, but he has to up the tempo and keep it raised from round-one or else he gets a boxing lesson from DeGale.

Chris Eubank Jr late rounds 8-9 by TKO."


Shannon Courtenay
English amateur champion

"My prediction is that DeGale will be smart and outbox / outclass Eubank Jr for the first half of the fight, then Eubank will come on and prove too strong for DeGale over the championship rounds, possibly even stop him late."


Joseph Siza
BBN Writer

"This is a very intriguing matchup, but one of the main questions that will be answered is how much James DeGale has left in him at this point in time. 

If DeGale shows up like how he did against Andre Dirrell and Badou Jack, I have him beating Eubank Jr on points and fairly comfortably too. However Chunky can not afford to take breaks against the ropes because that is when Eubank will find his success.

DeGale will almost definitely have to survive a late onslaught from the Brighton man, but I believe he has the capabilities at this stage to still weather any storm Eubank has to offer."


Jamie Arlain
British Challange lightweight champion

"DeGale wins, for me. 

He has a great amateur pedigree, a southpaw with fast hands and a great work rate, and I think he stops Eubank Jr in the later rounds. Eubank takes a lot of shots and that could be his downfall."


Daniel Smith
BBN Writer

"Since his brutal clash with Badou Jack in 2017, the former IBF super-middleweight champion, James Degale's pugilistic edge appears to have gone missing. 

His 12-round, nasty tear-up with Jack seemed to have left permanent damage, blunting all vital aspects of his game and capabilities. A fight with Eubank Jr, say two-and-a-half years ago would've seen DeGale disassemble his opponent with swift jabs, hooks and flashing combinations, resulting in a massive points victory. A scrap now, however, is a completely different affair, as timing in boxing is everything. 

Whilst a huge part of myself wants to favour DeGale going into this fight, I still worry about the injuries he's sustained that ultimately impact on his respiratory; essentially, if he can't breathe properly, he can't fight. Therefore, the younger, obnoxiously confident and physically sharper Chris Eubank Jr, may be able to stalk, apply pressure and unleash enough aggression to impress the judges to earn a points win.  

I would love to see DeGale win this fight but I think, along with his injuries, inactivity, age and the toll of his gruelling bouts, this one bodes in Chris's favour."


Chez Nihell
Cruiserweight debutant

"A tough one to call - two good fighters and big personalities. 

I predict it will go the distance with Eubank Jr edging it on a points decision. I believe the best of him is yet to come and he will have a better game plan for this fight than he has previously against big name fighters. That, with his hunger, I predict Eubank to win."


Aqib Tahlat
BBN Writer

"I think James DeGale will win this much anticipated British showdown.

DeGale is an Olympic gold medalist and also has become World champion twice. He’s faced elite competition such as when he beat Andre Dirrell, and having a close fight against Badou Jack, whereas Eubank Jr is the younger fighter, but has shown when he steps up he comes up short. We've seen it against Billy Joe Saunders and George Groves now. 

James DeGale has shown in his previous performances that he is not the same fighter he was two years ago, but will still have enough to beat Eubank."


Joe Neale
Boxing Matchmaker

"A real crossroads fight, but it’s a case of if DeGale has slipped, which judging by last three fights, he has.

Eubank's pace and output is his biggest asset in this fight, DeGale likes to fight at his tempo, but can’t see Eubank allowing that. I see this being razor close, going 12-rounds and someone winning a split or majority decision, and I think it will be Eubank Jr."

Eubank Jr is 10/11 to win against DeGale on BetStars