Gary Corcoran vs Johnny Garton

Predictions for Gary Corcoran vs Johnny Garton

Published On Saturday, October 13, 2018By British Boxing News

Gary 'Hellraiser' Corcoran vs Johnny 'The Pexican' Garton - who wins?

We ask key figures from the world of boxing for their predictions on who wins the forthcoming British welterweight championship battle between North London's Corcoran (18-2) and South London's Garton (22-1-1) on October 20 in Brentwood.


Miles Shinkwin
Former Southern Area light-heavyweight champion

"Tough fight to call. Both very tough men who leave it all in the ring. I think it will boil down to Gary’s greater experience, but if his couple of losses have made him lose a step, then it could be Johnny’s fight, as he hasn’t been involved in the wars that Gary has."


Frank Buglioni
Former British champion and world title contender

"I would lean towards Corcoran. I trained alongside Gary for a number of years when we were both under the tutelage of Mark Tibbs. He is very tough, very strong and relentless in his offence. I haven’t seen too much of Garton, but can’t underestimate his experience and durability.

For that reason I believe Corcoran on points and, if he’s at his best, a late stoppage."


Luke Gibb
Super-lightweight signed to JE Promotions and former England International amateur

"I’m going with Johnny, as he is my pal, but it will be a great, tough fight and I’m really looking forward to watching it."


Peter Sims
Boxing trainer and manager

"I think this will be a gruesome fight while it lasts. Both are tough fighters and very game, as much as I like Johnny and consider him a friend, I just think Corcoran will be too experienced when it gets tough and will get the stoppage in the mid/late rounds."


Steve Wood
Promoter at VIP Promotions

"Gary has beat a couple of my fighters by his all-out aggression and desire to win, not technically great but effective. I think his experience in these hard fights gives him the edge over Garton and although I expect it to be close early on I have Corcoran pulling away down the stretch and possibly even getting a late stoppage."


John Evans
Professional boxing trainer at Guildford City Gym

"I respect Johnny Garton as my Adam Battle boxed him for the Southern Area title a few years back, so I will be behind Johnny to win on points."


Jamie Speight
Three-time Southern Area champion

"I see a busy, well-fought affair, but feel Johnny Garton’s better inside work will be the difference and he will win either a close points decision or a late stoppage, if he places those body shots right."


Tim Rickson
Sports Agent and Founder of British Boxing News

"I'm a big fan of both and this fight couldn't be any better matched. I expect them to meet in the middle and have a complete tear up right from the off!

I'm edging towards Gary because of his greater experience and I believe he will be the one on the front foot that takes control and the more aggressive of the pair in this fight. He doesn't take backward steps and is such a warrior. Johnny is the same, he's aggressive and tough, and he will meet Gary head on.

Despite neither having a lot of knockouts between them, I can't see this fight going the distance, but if it does, then what a fight that would be! I think that Gary will get the stoppage late in the fight but I think it will seesaw both ways with both being hurt at different stages. I think there will be such a high volume of punches in close quarters and explosive action right from the opening bell, it's hard to see how both could sustain the damages for an entire 12-rounds. Someone's got to go!"


Mick Gordon
Ring Announcer

"I’ve got to go for Gary Cororan, he’s in the form of his life and in great shape."


Niall Doran
Founder of Boxing News and Views

"Although Corcoran is still kind of rebuilding from the Horn loss, I like him to bounce back again in this one, possibly on points, after a solid scrap with Johnny Garton."