Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury predictions

Predictions for Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury - Experts Edition

Published On Friday, November 16, 2018By British Boxing News

Hear professional boxing experts' predictions on who wins the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury mega-fight

It’s been covered by the press copiously already and below we ask many of those writers and other boxing experts just who they believe will win the WBC World heavyweight title showdown between champion Deontay Wilder and challenger Tyson Fury.

In the home corner is a raw, powerful, dangerous fighter who lives up to his name accurately and in the opposite corner is the most technically gifted, skillful trickster who has a history of travelling to champions’ back yards to defy the odds.

What a fight! And it doesn’t end there because the winner will receive the plaudits, of course, but will also go on to face Anthony Joshua in the biggest unification battle this millennium has seen in the heavyweight divison.

BBN had to call upon their trusted panel of experts consisting of trainers, managers and promoters to help pick a winner:

Joseph Siza BBN Writer

"I've maintained my opinion about this fight from the moment it was announced and I am not going to change my mind - Tyson Fury is about to become a two-time heavyweight world champion.

I believe both fighters don’t get the true recognition they deserve in terms of the talent they possess - although Wilder may look all over the place and uneasy on the eye at times, his awkward style is extremely effective and keeps opponents second guessing where his punches are going to come from.

A general criticism of Fury from fight fans is that he does not carry significant power. While he may not have as much power as Joshua or Wilder, I really do believe he has some snap in his punches when he sits down on his shots. Definitely enough power to knock Wilder out, in my opinion.

I think Fury will do what he does best and mess Wilder around a lot on the back foot and while Wilder is a patient fighter, there is only so long he will be willing to let rounds go by before he becomes aggressive. I believe that this will be the undoing of Wilder and he will walk onto a counter shot with Fury getting him out of there mid to late rounds."


Joe Neale Boxing Agent

“Tyson Fury to win on a close points decision.

I think he might get hurt and maybe dropped but do not think Wilder can sustain enough of an attack to finish Fury. Despite his incredible power I do not see just one shot being enough to finish Fury who is defensively the best in the division. I see it being cagey early and we get the real action late in the fight when both fighters get tired.”


Chris Glover Boxing Journalist

"I can’t wait for this fight, to be honest, it’s such and interesting clash of styles, it really makes the fight more than just hype.

I see the fight going the way of Fury boxing on the outside, off his jab and maybe stepping in more than normal and pushing Wilder back. For me the only way Wilder wins is by a stoppage, he won’t out work or out jab Fury.

Does Fury have the fitness to stay on the move for 12 rounds like he did Klitschko? Only time will tell, but if he produces that performance again it’s a late stoppage win for Fury as I believe he won’t want to leave it in the hands of the judges.

One punch can change it all though and one big right hand from Deontay Wilder can change any fight. Nevertheless I feel it’s a late stoppage win for Tyson Fury."


Tim Rickson Sports Agent

“Wilder and Fury couldn’t be any more different - Fury has raw power and Tyson is technically brilliant. I will always pick the gifted fighter over the puncher, but I’d be backing Tyson anyway just because he’s the Brit.

Wilder did struggle with Ortiz, who’s an awkward and skilled southpaw, but he also killed off the fight when he needed to. He’s got get out of jail power and can seemingly end a fight at will.

Tyson is more skilled than Ortiz, trickier and a far better mover. He won’t get hit like the Cuban did, in fact, I’m struggling to see Wilder being able to land on Fury at all. Obviously, Wilder's punches can come from all different angles, they are unconventional shots that opponents aren't taught how to block in the gym. If one of them gets through then it changes everything. I hope that no wild punches land on the back of Tyson's head because it could easily happen with their clash of styles.

I can see Fury outboxing Wilder, who will get increasingly desperate and frustrated as the fight goes on. He will lunge in at all different angles and if Tyson can counter when he’s so open then he could turn out his lights. I would bet on Tyson to win on points but if Wilder runs out of ideas, I can see him getting KO’d.

I’m praying for Tyson to win, because in the heavyweights one punch can change it all so I’ll be on the edge of my seat like a nervous wreck all fight, but I’m secretly hoping that Tyson takes him to school and shows the world that he is no.1 and receive the long-overdue credit he deserves.”


Niall Doran Founder of Boxing News & Views

"It's one of those fights that could go either way for me. Fury looks to be returning to the condition that he was in for the Wladimir Klitschko fight and alongside head trainer Ben Davison will also have Freddie Roach and Ricky Hatton in his corner, so I believe, come fight night, those are all big plus points for him. Wilder however looks to be in the shape of his life and a man possessed at the moment so he's going to be incredibly dangerous.

If Fury gets past the first three rounds without getting tagged and starts to figure out Wilder, I think it's an easy fight for Fury. But the caveat is that big right hand from Wilder which can close the show at any point."


Sergio Michel American Songwriter and boxing superfan

"The Lineal Heavyweight Champ of the World vs The WBC Heavyweight Champ. This match will prove who the REAL top Heavyweight is. Regardless of owning more belts, Anthony Joshua has proven to be a dishonorable and quite disrespectful figure for the way he handled a Wilder match prospect. No brilliant pitch or speech by Eddie Hearn has erased the shame and dishonor Fury vs Wilder has heaped on Joshua simply by the Fury vs Wilder coming to exist.

About the fight itself, Wilder is Wilder. He will swing for the fences and jump in and out of range. He will be outboxed and confused by Tyson Fury though. I believe Fury wins via stoppage due to attrition from sharp and accurate head shots to Wilder. I also believe Wilder will be knocked down for the first time in his career late in this fight. Fury is a multi-dimensional fighter with many gears; Wilder only has athleticism and power. Wilder may be violent, but a Traveller like Fury has been in the violence game his entire life and knows how to make top tier opponents panic and get desperate which supports why I see punch volume being the factor here. I do not see that right hand of Wilder's hitting Fury flush at all. Fury by stoppage."


Mick Gordon Ring Announcer

“My heart says Tyson Fury, my head says he is challenging a fighter like Wilder a little too soon into his comeback trail. The fights against Seferi and Pianeta were simply not convincing enough to give the impression that he is ready for such a challenge as the one Wilder presents. 

Hope my heart’s right because boxing is all the richer and more colourful for a politically incorrect character like Tyson Fury.”


Wilder to win: Mick Gordon's head says Wilder wins
Wilder to win by KO: No one has picked Wilder to score a KO
Fury to win: Tim Rickson thinks Tyson could take Wilder to school
Fury to win by KO: Joseph Siza and Chris Glover both think Tyson turns out the lights

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