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EXCLUSIVE: Darrel Church Fight Week Diary

Published On Monday, March 12, 2018By Tim Rickson
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BBN track Darrel Church all week ahead of his first ever TV fight

BBN are following light-heavyweight prospect “Dazzling” Darrel Church (5-2-1) all week ahead of his ninth pro fight to be televised live on Channel 5.

On March 17, the 28-year-old will perform under the bright lights at the iconic York Hall on the undercard of the highly-anticipated British cruiserweight championship contest between Matty Askin (22-3-1) and Stephen Simmons (18-2) on a Hayemaker Promotions show.

Church has fought at the hallowed East End venue on three occasions already, but this will be his first time in front of the TV cameras.

The talented 175-pounder allowed BBN to shadow his movements for the final week leading up to fight night for a unique perspective into a professional boxer’s life just days before combat.

Wednesday – 3 days to go:

“Up at 6am today, I always get up pretty early where I’m so used to being up for work. Had my bowl of porridge and banana for breakfast and was just thinking about who to meet today for tickets.

On a normal day in camp I can mix it up a bit but on the last week I do the same meal prep and stick to the same thing. Food on the last week does do my head in though!

I dropped some tickets off first thing this morning and had to meet lots more people for ticket drop-offs. The worst ones are the people that get in touch on the Friday night and say they’re coming now after weeks of knowing about it. Last time, I had  over 10 people wanting tickets on the door.

I feel ok today, it’s just the running about that’s doing my head in, really, but I still feel alright within myself.

I’m cutting down on social media, just posting statuses about tickets going back so if you want any then get it now because they’ll be going back tomorrow and that’ll be it then.

I had training at 12pm, just a bit of light pads. Then, I had the dentists at 3pm! Nightmare, really, not what you want on fight week but had to go for a filling. It’s funny though because my dentist is actually coming to my fight! My missus works there, she’s a dental nurse, been there for over five years, so my dentist has got a ticket for Saturday night.

I spent tonight running around selling tickets again, but hopefully after today, Thursday and Friday will be better. On Friday, I have to go to David Haye’s gym on the embankment to hand all the ticket money in.

Finally got home at 8pm tonight to chill out.

Hard work is done now. Once Wednesday on fight week is out the way, everything’s done then, really, it’s just that last little bit left.

Fight week just goes so quick, before you know it you’re walking out to the ring!

I’ve been told I’m fighting early at around 6pm, which is good that I can get it done early and watch the rest of the show.

I do look back at everything I have done in camp and make sure I’ve ticked all boxes. I don’t reflect back so much but more I think of what is coming and what I’m going to do. You get a vision in your head of what you’re going to do when the time comes.

I’ve sometimes found it hard to believe in myself before, but the way I’m throwing punches at the minute and how I’m feeling, I believe in myself more than ever before. Confidence is higher, definitely.”


Tuesday – 4 days to go:

“There’s been a lot of running around to do today. I’m a painter and decorator with my own business and had to go and check on one of my jobs running.

Then, I came home for breakfast at about 9:30am, which consisted of a bowl of porridge and a banana.

Then, I chilled out for a bit until lunch, then had two boiled eggs and a granary bagel, then it was time for the gym at 1:30pm.

I did 10 minutes of skipping, four rounds of shadow boxing, six rounds on the pads, a couple of rounds on the heavy bag, then a warm down and stretch to finish.

Then, I spent the evening running around selling the last few tickets and collecting money from people. I always try to make fight week stress free, but tickets just don’t make that possible!

I ask that everyone buys the tickets from me before fight week, but people don’t see that side of boxing, they don’t realise the hassle that it takes to sell tickets and how, on fight week, you need to focus on yourself and not spend time stressing about tickets!

Then I finally sat back down at home at around 7:30pm to have dinner, which was roast chicken and green vegetables.

I found out that Channel 5 are only showing the main fights for some reason, but the rest of the show will be live streamed through The Sport Bible, so everyone can watch me in action on there.”

Monday – 5 days to go:

“I’ve just had my last spar of camp with Paul Hilz. Paul is retired from professional boxing now but he’s still sharp and was ann International Challenge Belt champion at super-middleweight.

That’s my last spar but I may just do some technical sparring on Wednesday, just very light stuff for a move around but doesn’t really matter if I do or not as it will just be tap stuff.

Back home midday cutting last bit of weight, this morning wholemeal toast boiled egg bit of fuel before training, bit of chicken and brown rice for lunch, dinner steak sweet potato.

I feel good today, usually on fight week I start to get a bit nervous, but, this time, I’m so eager to get in there to get it done and prove a point.

I’m usually well nervous but just excited this time, wanna get that win on Saturday and nothing is gonna’ stop me.

Today I’m ok, from midweek onwards I get a bit difficult to be around. No matter what people say, you’re still cutting weight on fight week, so it’s bound to be frustrating.

I’ve got my little girl tonight so picked her up from school at 3pm today.

In the evenings, I watch TV. I don’t tend to watch boxing as much on fight week, I like to swirch off from it for the last week and have a bit more of a normal life without boxing. I cut back on social media as well. The only thing I put out on social media is about tickets and might message a few people about collecting their tickets. There’s such a big build up that I like to relax by the last week and save my energy. Social media can drain you so much; it’s as much work being on social media, promoting the fight and selling tickets than it is training!

My bedtime on fight week is between 10-11pm. You don’t want to go to bed late and be tired the next day but then you can’t go to bed early because you’ll just end up lying there thinking about things.

I drink three litres of water every day right up until the end of Wednesday; Thursday is when I start cutting water out. It all depends on my weight at the time, but I always like to start dropping water and dry out a couple of days before.”

"Dazzling" Darrel Church v Rikke Askew

Church, 28 from Chelmsford, will tackle South Londoner Rikke Askew (2-2) over four-rounds at light-heavyweight at the York Hall on a Hayemaker Promotions event live on Channel 5.

The Essex puncher aims to use the next fight as a stepping stone towards gaining another shot at rival Jordan Joseph (7-2-1), claiming that they have unfinished business to settle after Church was forced to retire with an eye injury in the ninth-round of their Southern Area light-heavyweight title eliminator last November.

“Both Kevin [Campion] and Steve [Goodwin] know how much I want the rematch, but if I can’t get that, then I’d like another Southern Area title shot at super-middleweight as I’ve been told that could be an option for me,” he concluded.

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