Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce

Daniel Dubois vs Joe Joyce could be 'Fight of the Year'

Published On Thursday, May 2, 2019By British Boxing News

British heavyweight title fight could be best fight of 2019

South Lonon powerhouse Daniel Dubois (11-0) is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, even at the tender age of just 21, and currently has an impressive 11-0 unbeaten record recently extended following his barnstormer bout with latest challenger Richard Lartey (14-1).

It wasn't exactly a walk in the park and his chin was given a fewsturdy tests during the 11-minutes of ring time, but he took out the game Ghanaian in the fourth round at the SSE Wembley Arena tonext tackle mandatory opponent and fellow Brit Joe Joyce as freetips.com reports.

The young heavyweight gave a sterling performance and managed not to be distracted by any of the rumours that dogged him when he took on Accra'sLartey. It was a fight that nearly got cancelled at the 11th hour when there were Visa issues that may have prevented him from entering the country, and perhaps now he wishes they had stopped him. The third round was the most evenly matched, but in round four Dubois showed his true colours and floored his fellow fighter with a right-handed punch that left no room for questions.

Next, the British Boxing Board of Control has ordered that Joyce and Dubois must take to the ring and slug it out to see who will be crowned with the British Lonsdale belt, which currently is not held by anyone else. Both fighters seem very confident in their respective abilities, and both have already given their ‘bring it on’ speech, so all that really remains is for the fixture to be scheduled, and it is sure to be a crowd puller.

While he admits that Dubois did an excellent job, the 'Juggernaught' says it was not without its problems and seems to think his vaster experience and incredible amateur pedigree will give him the winning edge when the two meet.

“He got the job done. It was a very entertaining fight. He got a little bit troubled by Lartey at some points, but he took him out of there. I've got a fight in Stevenage on May 18. That's a good warm-up, then I should be out again in July. Potentially, I'm going to speak to Frank (Warren) and my managers, and we'll see what's out there.”

In the other corner, Dubois was equally confident, stating "It was a firefight, and I was still basically trying to hit him with shots. I let my mind go then I thought, you know what, I need to pick the right shots. I hit him with a good shot and caught him on the point where I wanted to all night, so it was a lesson learnt. The guy was rugged and tough and strong. He swung, but it was lessons learnt again - just to be careful at all times.

“There are big fights lined up. If I just keep winning and keep progressing, I'm getting closer to these guys. If I keep winning, then I'll be sharing a ring with these guys soon. Definitely, I'll beat Joyce. As long as the preparation is right, I stay focused, listen to the people around me, I'll beat anyone, I believe.”